Geoff Farnsworth Geoff Farnsworth


For over 27 years, Geoff has provided effective and practical coaching to help people succeed in having healthy, joyful, loving relationships. He offers short term coaching for long-term results.

Working with Geoff you’ll discover the underlying cause of your relationship problem and the skills and strategies to make positive changes to transform your relationship and your life.

Even if you’re going through a rough spot, suffering from problems or don’t have the relationship of your dreams, things can change for the better.

Geoff draws from his studies of spirituality, mindfulness, mind body awareness, psychology, personal communication, addictions, life and relationship coaching. As a certified Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapist, he has also studied how mindfulness and mind-body awareness can facilitate the self-discovery for lasting change. He is Certified in Relational Life Couples Therapy created by Terry Real.

When not immersed in coaching others, Geoff enjoys travel, music, personal development and spending time enjoying his family and friends. Married since 1994, he is madly in love with his wife, Dot.

He feels incredibly blessed to be doing this work and to have the life that he has.

Geoff provides coaching in person at his office in Westmont, New Jersey – or by phone and Skype.

How can you find out if telephone coaching is right for you?

Call Geoff at 856-854-3155, ext 110 or use this contact form to schedule a free consult and see if it “feels right” for you.



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